Video and Design Apps Perfect for Small Businesses

When it comes to creating content the choices of apps and tools are endless. Here’s a few that I regularly use to create short videos or to add interesting effects and overlays over the top of my own images.

Pixaloop: Animate your photos and magically bring them to life with Enlight Pixaloop. You can animate one element or several, drawing attention to parts of your photo that you want to come alive. There are some wonderful seasonal effects to add some festive sparkle to your social media posts.

Inshot: Great for creating video to be used on Instagram and IGTV. Create one video by adding together a collection of shorter videos. You can trim and cut your videos as necessary, add music, captions, and adjust the speed.

VLLO: A simple and smart video editing app. Add animation over your images to create videos. Clipomatic: Adds captions to your stories making your videos more inclusive. Turns everything

you say into a live captions.
ImgPlay: Add sequences of still images to create flashing text and videos.

Canva: This design tool really is very usefull. You can get creative with all of your social media posts. Fonts, colours, images, backgrounds the choices are endless. A must have app with the added bonus of free stock images.

A Design Kit: Get creative by adding simple design, stickers, brushes, text and stickers to your own photos.

Do you use any of the apps, what do you think? Maybe you have your own favourites? I’d love to hear about them.

Or if you’d like a 1:1 session on how to use any of the above, tweet me or get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

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