What, Where, How and Why – Facebook Business Page News Feed

I’ve worked with a number of small businesses recently that haven’t been aware of the Facebook business pages feed. So, I thought I share some information on it.

Facebook can be tricky platform to navigate and I share lots of useful tips and advice in my 1:1 sessions helping you get the most our of your business page.

So, what is the business pages feed?

When you visit your personal Facebook profile you scroll through your newsfeed, this is where you’ll see posts from family, friends, groups and businesses you follow. Your business feed works in a similar way, it’s a feed of posts from other pages you have ‘liked’ as your business page.

How do I like a page as my page? 

When you find a page that is of interest to your business click the three dots at the top the page and select like as your page.

Where is the pages feed?

Some pages have it on the right hand side of the page under the follower numbers.

If you don’t, you can access it via this link www.facebook.com/InsertYourPageName/pages_feed

You can also see the pages you’ve liked as your page here:

Scroll through the list and pick the pages you want to engage with.

From here you can begin to add more pages to your feed.

I would recommend adding:

• Businesses that are influential and that your target audience could also be following. This could include smaller brands – for example this could be your local beauty salon if your business is aimed at women.

• Businesses that share content that is of interest and relevant to your business and that you could share with your own audience.

Why is the pages feed important?

I’ve said this before, social media is all about being social and engaging with other people. The pages feed gives you the opportunity to engage with other businesses as your business and is a great way of building brand awareness. It’s also a really useful way of finding interesting and relevant content for when you’re planning for the month ahead.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I’d love to know what you think of the pages feed. Have you set yours up yet and do you find it useful?

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