Social Media in 2020 – Follow these steps to put your social media plan into action.

With a new year fast approaching, there’s always an element of ‘new year, new you’ in our minds. Is having a more solid social media presence on your ‘to do’ list? Get yourself a notebook and pen, here’s a few steps to follow to help you put your strategy together, so you can start as you mean to go on. 

GOAL: What is your social media objective? How are you going to achieve it and how will you measure your success? Write down your goals; weekly, monthly and annually. Knowing what you want to achieve will keep you focused and on track. 

AUDIENCE: Do you know who your target audience is and which platforms they’re using? Develop user personas of target audience, go beyond gender, age and location. Understand who they and what make them tick.

PLATFORMS: Which platforms are you currently using? Do you need to review this? Are you trying to be on too many and not finding the time to run those platforms effectively? Confirm where your audience is, which platforms you enjoy, which platforms could bring you business, and decide how much time can you spend per week running your chosen platforms? 

CONTENT: Be realistic with your time, budget and skills. There’s no point committing to creating weekly videos if you don’t have the time to do it. What types on content are you already creating? How much content can you create for the platforms you are running? Remember, you should be sharing different content across your social media platforms, as what works on Facebook might not work on Instagram. Always check your insights to get a sense of what your audience responds to. 

CONTENT FORMATS: There are different types of content formats – images, video, blogs, graphics and awareness days. Are you creating video? Are you using Stories? Is your business product based? Could there be the opportunity for UGC (user generated content) the holy grail of content! 

SCHEDULING: Do you plan your posts in advance or are you posting as and when? Use your insights to figure out when your audience is online. Choose a scheduling tool to help you be more productive and save yourself some time. Apps like Planoly and Later are great for Instagram grid planing. 

ENGAGEMENT: Engaging with other people is such an important part of social media. Spend more time on other people’s accounts than you do on your own. Add useful comments, ask questions and create conversations. 

OVER TO YOU: Behind every small business is a real person, your followers will want to get to know you! Which ever platforms you are using be sure to ‘show up’ and have a visible presence, either by using images or video. Humanise your brand by sharing a little of you and why you do that you do. 

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Take notes on all of the above points and use them to create to your social media strategy. Have a list of achievable, realistic goals; based on your business goals and values. Create a content plan with your target audience in mind. Decide when and how often you’re going to post using your analytics. 

If you’re not sure on which platforms to use; or how to use your insights/analytics or how to develop a social media plan that’s going to work for you then do get in touch. Just tweet me or message me via Instagram or Facebook. 

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