The services I offer are listed below, however if you would like some more information please get in touch.


Small Business Social Media Strategy

You will be provided with a detailed report, empowering you as a small business owner to run your own platforms effectively. 
  • Channel set-up and optimisation (if required)
  • Objective setting
  • One user persona creation 
  • Identifying key influencers for your business
  • Advice and information on posting at optimum frequency
  • Advice and information on engagement with customers and influencers
  • Hashtag research if using Instagram or Twitter 
  • Content suggestions – posting options and media types 
  • Time saving scheduling tools 
  • Content creation Apps 
  • 2 hour Meeting to go through the report 
  • Catch up call 4-6 weeks later to answer any questions 

Small Business Social Media Kick Start

I would run your chosen platform for you for 4 weeks. This option works best with the small business social media strategy. 
  • Channel set-up and optimisation (if required)
  • Social media objective setting
  • 4 week content plan, posting at optimum frequency 
  • Daily engagement 
  • Time saving scheduling tools 
  • Content creation Apps 
  • 1 hour Meeting and handover at the end of the 4 weeks 

Small Business 1:1 Power Hour

Empowering you as a small business owner to take control of your social media marketing.


  • Bespoke sessions tailored to suit your business needs
  • Focusing on specific topics relating to your chosen platforms
  • Helping you find a workable but effective social media presence using authentic and engaging content. 

Social Media Management

Time is of the essence when it comes to running your own business. Do you need someone to oversea and manage your daily social media activity?

This includes:

  • Two weeks of up-front strategy development including
  • Channel set-up and optimisation
  • Objective setting
  • Customer profile creation
  • Identifying key influencers for your bsuiness
  • Daily channel management, posting at optimum frequency
  • Daily engagement with customers and influencers
  • Weekly catch-up call
  • Monthly detailed activity report

I understand that each business has different requirements, please contact me to discuss your individual needs.


Social Media Audit

If you’re already using social media for your business but feel you’re not getting the results you would like. Let me take look and help you enhance your existing business channels.

 This includes:

  • A fully researched audit examination of your current social media activity. A personalised report containing realistic and achievable ways to get more from your channels.
  • Areas reviewed consist of:
    • Brand platform consistency
    • Content analysis
    • Frequency and timings
    • Tone of voice
    • Engagement with customers and influencers
  • A call to discuss the report

Social Media Set-up

If you don’t already have any social media channels and you’re not sure how to get started then let us help you.

 This includes:

  • Finding the right platforms for your business
  • Set-up and optimisation of the channels
  • Identifying key influencers for your business
  • Advice on content, frequency and style
  • Key hashtags if using Twitter or Instagram
  • A follow-up call within 4-6 weeks to see how your channels are going and to answer any questions you may have.