Your Most Common Questions Answered

1. Should I have a presence on every platform?

You might think you do, but you probably don’t. Different channels work best based on your target audience. So it’s highly unlikely that you would need to be on every one. You would need to be on the same platforms as your audience. If you are B2B you might want to focus your efforts on LinkedIn. If you’re B2C you might start with Facebook or Instagram. But no matter who your target audience is, you should absolutely be using Twitter. Twitter is for everyone! The types of businessses I work with generally don’t have the time to be on more than two platforms. I always advise getting to grips with 1 or 2 platforms before taking on anymore. 

2. How do I get more followers/likes?

This shouldn’t be all that you focus on. Think about what would make your page or profile worthy of a follow or a like. Have you filled in all the important information? Are you sharing the right types of content? Content that is appealing to your audience? And more importantly are you engaging with other accounts? Ultimately you want to be reaching the right people and gaining the right followers. People that are interested in your business and the product or service you offer. 

3. What should I post?

One you really need to think carefully about. Ask yourself what would your audience want to see? Developing user personas of your target audience will help you understand what interests and motivates them. Monitoring your analytics and experimenting with different types of content will give you insights into what works and what doesn’t. Make sure you’re sharing helpful, useful and interesting content. 

4. Can I post the same content on Instagram and Facebook?

You can, but it’s not something I would recommend. It’s very easy to select the option to have your Instagram post go directly to your Facebook page. If you are doing this you what reason would your audience have to follow you on both platforms? After all content that works on one platform might not work on another. 

Do you have any other questions that you would like some help with? 

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